Every year, in the middle of February, Jackson St plays host to the Petone Fair. A chance for the good folk of Petone (and beyond), to come out and enjoy the summer sun while perusing the many stalls, parlour games & rides on offer.

For the last 8+years now, we’ve been setting up a stall of our own, selling our “World famous in Petone: Whitebait Fritters” – which seem to be a real hit with kiwis of all ages. This year we also set aside space for seating, tables and shade tents: to provide a nice and cool, shady sanctuary, away from the hubbub of crowded footpaths.

Every year we sell out quickly and this year was no different.  We managed to sell out of Whitebait just after the lunch rush.  Each year 100% of the proceeds from our Whitebait stall goes to the Revival Centres Mission Fund which provides support for our brethren in 3rd world countries such as Malawi and Papua New Guinea.

Of course, the other main reason for setting up our stall, is the chance to talk to the good folks of Petone (and beyond) about the Good News: that they too can have a personal relationship with God. Mark 16 says that we need to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” So, while some of us slaved over a BBQ in the hot Petone sun, the rest of us were keeping busy (albeit in the shade!) going about preaching the gospel by handing out pamphlets, sharing scriptures from the bible and simply talking to people about the great things that God has done in our lives!

All in all, a successful day as we raised funds to help our brothers and sisters who are in need of food, water and shelter, while also doing God’s work – sharing the Good News to those who are in need of hearing it!

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