A cold winter’s night is a great opportunity to get together and challenge friends and family on the sports court.  We do just this with our annual sock hockey event.

The challenge is to craft your own hockey stick with only sellotape and newspaper.  Armed with piles of newspaper gathered together from friends and workplaces, the group set about to expertly engineer, or creatively craft, their hockey sticks.  With varying strategies we ended up with both weird and wonderful designs – some looked like professional hockey sticks, whilst others showed some kiwi ingenuity!


Fuelled with pizza and ready with our unique sticks and ball (made out of socks), we take to the court in teams with rules introduced during the progression of the game (ok so they are slightly made up on the fly).  Teams are interchanged, game formats are adapted, and we play until there is only one man standing. (Usually the youngest!)

A fun night is had by all, and it is a chance for the ‘oldies’ to show they can still cut it with the ‘youngies’.