Although I believed Christ was real at some point in history, that’s all I thought it to be – history! I saw no power of God in religion. Most religious people I knew were ‘Sunday Christians’. They were no better than I was for the rest of the week, therefore I had no desire to follow God.

However, all that changed when God gave me tangible, infallible proof of His very existence. Not only did He prove He existed, but He showed me that He was very much alive, was still working in people’s lives today, and has an incredible plan for our future. He did this through a series of events. I went to a Revival Centre Church meeting and had no idea what to expect. The pastor asked if anyone would like to be baptised to which I eagerly agreed. While on my own, before getting baptised, I prayed a serious prayer telling God (as if I was the boss) that He would only have this one chance to prove He was real, and that if He didn’t prove himself real, I would never seek Him out again. Well needless to say, He definitely heard my prayer. When I came up out of the waters of baptism, I immediately began speaking in an unknown tongue which, in the bible, is called “speaking in tongues”. Instantly I lost the desire and craving for cigarettes, alcohol and drugs which I had been consuming for many years of my life. I couldn’t believe the power that I had just received. It was the exact same experience that the apostles, disciples and many others had on the day of Pentecost when God’s Holy Spirit was poured out on people for the first time in the New Testament.

That was 23 years ago, so it is definitely NOT a fad. Over that time. God has continually shown Himself to be true to His Word. He has given us an incredible promise that as He raised Jesus Christ from the dead and made Him incorruptible, so too will He do to us when Jesus returns in His full glory.

Take the plunge! Repent, get baptised by full immersion, and watch God transform your life as you live in His way.

Aru Makirere