How did I get saved?
I heard about the Holy Spirit, and speaking in tongues as evidence that God is real, from a good friend of mine and his whanau. I was sceptical and was only going along to meetings to be nice. Sitting in meetings listening to testimonies and hearing talks from God’s word got to me because I found myself agreeing to be baptised, fully immersed in water. This was the start of repenting from my old life. When I spoke in another tongue I instantly knew that Jesus was a real man who walked the earth ,healing people and having compassion for mankind. I love being one of God’s people, His word is so simple and the requests of His people are very few.
Why did it ‘stick’?
I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in another tongue. The stories of Noah’s ark, David and Goliath and Moses parting the Red Sea became true. It is one of God’s promises, so when this happened, it stuck.
Favourite healing testimony?
Hearing testimonies of a lot of women in the church who were told that they wouldn’t be able to have children and then through the power of prayer, they now have children. The Lord’s healing power is awesome.
Favourite thing about Revival Centres Church vibe?
Open and honest. Everything is backed up by God’s word, and not man’s.
Favourite Revival Centres Church event to date?
Young people camps (no doubt). Catching up with other like-minded people from all over NZ is awesome.