When our son, Matthew, was four years old he fell off his top bunk bed and landed on his head.

The impact caused paralysis to half of his face. He was rushed to hospital and underwent a barrage of neurological testing and examinations over a number of days. The neurologist concluded that despite the paralysis, Matthew was healthy and well and that he could be taken home, but the paralysis was something we would have to live with. That was both good news and heart breaking as we tried to imagine what our beautiful son’s life would be like with that disfigurement.

I had grown up in a Christian family who went to church often, but it wasn’t until I came to Revival Centres Church that I started hearing about people being healed of cancer, depression, migraines and many other miracles. I had read about miracles in the bible, but I had never witnessed any in the church I went to as a child and a young adult. With the doctors unable to do more, I realised that I needed to try this healing ‘thing’. I had never prayed for anyone before but I put my hand on Matthew’s head one afternoon, after reading God’s promises about healing, and simply asked God to heal Matthew. Instantly, and before my eyes, Matthew’s face returned to normal and the big smile and beautiful face that we loved so much was restored perfectly.

I have never doubted God from that point on. I have prayed for many people to be healed, and have been healed by God many times over the last 30 years. I discovered that day that the powerful, miracle-working God of the bible is alive and working powerfully in peoples’ lives today.

Matthew is now 32 years old, married to a lovely lady and in perfect health.

God is good.

Steve Waring