Holy Spirit Story

I was invited to a Sunday meeting, by someone who told me how important the Lord was in her life. Little did I know going to that Sunday meeting would change my life forever.  I heard the Pastor talk about the living God, who was performing miracles here and now. The people in the church talked like they had a personal relationship with the Lord.  They did, they were filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Being brought up in an Anglican church I thought there might be a God. Now, for the first time I knew there was a God, and that he was returning for his people. I was shown scriptures in the bible of what I needed to do. I was baptised, and by the Lord’s grace was spirited filled when I spoke in tongues. 

That was over a decade ago. Life has continued with all its ups and downs. However, I can turn to the Lord. He gives me comfort, he gives me peace, he gives me direction. I thank the Lord he has chosen me to be part of his kingdom, and I’m going to rule and reign with him forever.

David Pawson